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How do I get web space in Life Sciences?

For departments, courses, labs and other groups

Contact the Office of Information Technology in 332/333 Morrill Hall. An account and folder will be created for you on www.life.uiuc.edu and you'll be given a password which will enable you to transfer files back and forth using an FTP client, such as Fetch or LeechFTP.

For Individuals

If you have an email account with Life Sciences

You already have space available to you. The web server is configured to load pages from your home directory on the mail server, if you choose to set it up. In order to do this, there are a couple of steps .

If you have an account with C.I.T.E.S

See documentation is at: http://www.cites.uiuc.edu/cluster/webpages.html

First, you'll have to make contact with the mail server in a way you might not have done before, using Telnet or an FTP client.In these examples we'll use Fetch, an FTP program.

Launch Fetch and fill out the New Connection as on the right.

Sign on with the name and password you use for your email.

When you make the connection you'll be in your home directory. There will be other files there, which you can ignore.

You'll have to create a special folder and set privileges to make it available to the web server

Create the directory with Directories->Create New Directory...

Name the new directory public_html.

Note: Your home page, i.e. the "entrance" to your site, should be named index.html. Then it will load automatically when the web server receives a request

Now you have to set permissions so that the web server can read your files.

This must be done for both your public_html directory as well as your home directory.

Go to Remote->Set Permissions...

Set the matrix to as you see on the right

To set permissions for the home directory you'll need to go up a level to /home and then single-click on the directory named with your alias, and use Remote->Set Permissions from there.

On the mail server

The URL for your public_html directory is:


Our web server will redirect any requests that start with a ~ to the mail server. Or you can use the mail server's URL directly with:


On the webserver

Your URL will be http://www.life.uiuc.edu/yourfolder/

You'll be informed of the folder name that was set up for you when your account was set up,

Note: In both cases, y our home page, i.e. the "entrance" to your site, should be named index.html. A file so named will be loaded automatically when a request is sent to your directory, without the user having to include a specific file name within that directory. All the rest of your pages should be linked to your index.html page.


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