Exercise - Adding a background image

Small images may be "tiled" or repeated over and over - behind the text and graphics in the background. This is a good way to add color and depth to your page, though you must always be concerned about files sizes and legibility. The BACKGROUND command is an attribute of the BODY tag:

Step 1. Examine these different backgrounds by clicking on the image

Overall pattern

Subtle texture



Step 2. Practice applying the backgrounds by trying out these different BODY tags. You can only try one at a time, so erase the first and replace it one at a time with the others.

  1. <BODY BACKGROUND="images/apple.jpg">
  2. <BODY BACKGROUND="images/clouds.gif">
  3. <BODY BACKGROUND="images/marble4.gif">
  4. <BODY BACKGROUND="images/web.jpg">
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