Lab Group (Current)


  • Nuria Gomez-Casanovas
  • Ilsa Kantola: Soil ecology, Biogeochemistry, Woody plant encroachment, Land-use change, Plant-soil interactions
  • Maria Elena Blanc Betes
  • Ming-Hsun Cheng
  • Adam von Haden - nutrient cycling in natural and agricultural terrestrial ecosystems with an emphasis on climate change impacts, environmental sustainability of second generation biofuels.

Graduate Students

  • Robert Paul: Biogeochemistry, Biofuel agroecology, Ecological modeling, Global change
  • Menggiao Han
  • Yuchen Liu
  • Tyler Refsland

Research Associates

  • Michael Masters: Invasive insects and pathogens, plant competition, and soil nutrient cycling 


  • Emily Neeson
  • Kelly Purtell
  • Kwesi Talavera
  • Haley Ware