Pimonrat Tiansawat

Ph.D. student
Plant Biology

I am interested in seed ecology, particularly the germination, persistence, and chemical and physical defense traits of seeds of tropical tree genus, Macaranga. The genus Macaranga has a center of diversity in western Malesia, the Sunda Shelf and New Guinea and covers a wide ecological range, from shade tolerant shrubs and small trees to high-light demanding pioneers. This variation in life form, habitat preference and seed characteristics, combined with existing extensive phylogenetic work on the genus, make it a unique study system that can provide insights into selection on reproductive traits. While many research studies in Macaranga have focused on taxonomy, phenology seedling physiology and the interaction with ants, the seed ecology of Macaranga remains relatively unexplored.


Dept. of Plant Biology School of Integrative Biology
Program in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology University of Illinois