Dear Prospective Student,

17 September 2014

Thanks for your interest in pursuing graduate studies in my lab at the University of Illinois. Students in our lab come to Illinois with previous experience in the tropics and a passion for field ecology. Students in my lab are enrolled in the Program for Ecology and Evolution and Conservation Biology (PEEC) and the Plant Biology Graduate Program. Information on the admissions requirements and policies for PEEC are available online.

I am always interested in hearing from highly motivated students with ideas for the development of their own research projects. Please send me an email, with your research goals, and details of your academic and research experience, so that we can explore how your interests might complement work on-going in the lab. At the moment I am particularly interested in recruiting a student to work on mycorrhizal-nutrient relations in montane forests, with field work at Fortuna, and our new study site at Volcan Baru (both in Panama).

US citizens and permanent residents are also eligible to apply to our NSF funded graduate training grant (IGERT). The IGERT program "Vertically Integrated Training with Genomics" provides two years of fellowship support, research funding for genomic or metagenomic research and training in tropical biology at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) in Panama. Two students in my lab currently have IGERT support -- I am keen to recruit another student with interest in working in Panama to the program (I am a research associate at STRI and can serve as both the STRI and Illinois mentor).


 Jim Dalling

Dept. of Plant Biology School of Integrative Biology
Program in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology University of Illinois