Camilo Zalamea

Post-doctoral fellow

I’m a Colombian plant ecologist with interests in plant growth, functional traits, secondary forest dynamics, and community structure. My doctoral research assessed how morphological and phenological traits vary throughout plant ontogeny and across environmental conditions in Cecropia, one of the most emblematic pioneer genera in the Neotropics. I found that Cecropia morphology could be used as a chronometer to accurately date secondary forests, a finding that has multiple applications in ecology and conservation. After doing my PhD in Montpellier II University (France) and Los Andes University (Colombia), now, I’m involved as a Postdoctoral fellow on the project: “Seed defense syndromes of tropical forest trees: emergent properties of seed dormancy, defense and microbial interactions” at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.  


Zalamea, P-C., F. Munoz, P. Stevenson, C.E.T. Paine, C. Sarmiento, D. Sabatier & P. Heuret. 2011. Continental-scale patterns of Cecropia reproductive phenology: Evidence from herbarium specimens. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 278 (1717): 2437-2445.

Letort. V, P. Heuret, P-C. Zalamea, E. Nicolini & P. de Reffey. 2009. Analysis of Cecropia sciadophylla morphogenesis based on a sink-source dynamic model. In: Proceedings of The Third International Symposium on Plant Growth Modelling, Simulation, Visualization and Applications (ed. L. Baogou, M. Jaeger & Y. Guo) pp 10-17. IEEE Computer Society, Conference Publishing Services, Beijing (CHINA), ISBN: 978-0-7695-3988-1.

Zalamea. P-C., P. Stevenson, S. Madriñán, P-M. Aubert & P. Heuret. 2008. Growth pattern and age determination for Cecropia sciadophylla (Urticaceae). American Journal of Botany 95 (3): 263-271.

In press:

Webber, B.L., B.J. Conn, C. Born, J.T. Hadiah & P-C. Zalamea. What is in a name? That which we call Cecropia peltata by any other name would be as invasive? Plant Ecology & Diversity. DOI:10.1080/17550874.2011.610372

Letort. V, P. Heuret, P-C. Zalamea, P. de Reffey & E. Nicolini. Analyzing the effects of local environment on the source-sink balance of Cecropia sciadophylla: a new methodology based on model inversion. Annals of Forest Science. DOI: 10.1007/s13595-011-0131-x

Dept. of Plant Biology School of Integrative Biology
Program in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology University of Illinois