Lecture 6

Properties of redox centers

The Prosthetic groups and Metal Ions in Protein Active Sites Database Version 2.0

A gallery of redox centers, with physico-chemical data

Spectra of the Cytochrome bc1-complex

Left: Spectra obtained during a redox titration (from Ed Berry). Right: Difference spectra in which the b and c-type cytochromes are resolved.

A nice summary of Oxidative Phosphorylation

Oxidative phosphorylation - from Sergio Marchesini, University of Brescia

The mitochondrial electron transfer chain

A cartoon representation of the mitochondrial electron transfer chain. The main complexes are shown, with their substrates in black. Inhibitors are shown in bold itallic, approximately at their sites of action; electron donors (red) and acceptors (blue) allowing dissection of partial reactions of the chain are also shown.

The Sanger Center has a series of pages with links to sequence information for the respiratory chain complexes.

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