Biophysics 354
Lecture 4


In the aerobic cell, the products of glycolyis are oxidized through the citric acid cycle, and the respiratory chain, and the energy released is in part conserved through formation of ATP from ADP and inorganic phosphate (Pi).


- a nice introuction by John Illingworth, U. Leeds, U.K.

Citric Acid Cycle, Krebs Cycle, or Tricarboxylate (TCA) Cycle

The Citric Acid Cycle, - a tutorial with Chime structures
Chime tutorial on the TCA cycle. All the intermediates, with details of reaction, cofactors, etc.

Amino acid structures

Amino Acid structures

All you ever wanted to know about glucose metabolism

Gluconeogenesis, and all its connections

Involvement of mitochondrial transport systems in gluconeogenesis

General Metabolic Pathways

EcoCyc and MetaCyc E. coli (and other) metabolic pathways (Only accessible through password/login, - free to academic users)

A nice Metabolic Map of the main pathways.

More detailed maps of the main pathways, including many with Chime 3-D displays.

Mitochondrial and chloroplasts

Some useful mitochondrial links (from the laboratory of Prof. Changwon Kang, Ph.D.

The Virtual Cell

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