UHDBT analogs

from Bernie Trumpower

The following analogs of UHDBT are available:

  1. 2 mM nonyl-HDBT (0.5 ml/vial)
  2. 2 mM tridecyl-HDBT (1 ml/vial)
  3. 1.5 mM pentadecyl-HDBT (1 ml/vial)

These inhibitors act in the same manner as UHDBT, and like UHDBT their efficacy varies in different species, so users would need to test the inhibitors in their system of interest. Like our previous stock of UHDBT, all of the homologs have been purified to crystalline purity and confirmed by UV spectra following purification. These are the last stocks of these inhibitors that we have, and we do not anticipate synthesizing any more. Anyone interested in purchasing vials of the above inhibitors should contact Bernie Trumpower for further details.

The cost of the UHDBT analogs is $150 per vial, in the quantities and concentrations described above.

Bernie Trumpower