Home pages for people working on bc1 complex

Edward Berry's bc1-complex Home Page; lots of nice pictures and useful links.

Martin Brand's Lab

Uli Brandt's Lab

Ulrich Brandt's paper on Bifurcated Ubihydroquinone-Oxidation in the Cytochrome bc1-Complex by Proton-Gated Charge-Transfer.

Crofts' Lab Home Page

Deisenhofer Lab.

Les Dutton's Lab.

Liz Gross' Lab page

IBPC, Paris, Bioénergétique et Génétique Moléculaire du Chloroplaste (Pierre and Anne Joliot, Pierre Bennoun, Francis-André Wollman)

John Illingworth's Bioenergetics Home Page

Bing Jap Group's Cytochrome bc1 Complex Homepage

Thomas Link's Lab

Iwata, S., Saynovits, M., Link, T.A. and Michel, H. (1996)

Structure of a water soluble fragment of the 'Rieske' iron-sulfur protein of the bovine heart mitochondrial cytochrome bc1 complex determined by MAD phasing at 1.5 Å resolution
View the Rieske iron sulfur protein in a Chime tutorial.

Dieter Oesterhelt's lab, and the PufX problem

IBPC, Paris, Physico-Chimie Moléculaire des Membranes Biologiques (Jean-Luc Popot)

Peter Rich and the Glynn Laboratory for Bioenergetics

Hermann Schägger's Lab

Irmgard Sinning's membrane protein work

Bernie Trumpower's Home Page