Modeling of a 2(RC/12LH1) dimer from density contours of negatively stained images of arrays of particles in membrane tubes

The figure is adapted from Fig. 5 of Jungas et al. (1999), by addition of an image of a 3-subunit monomer abstracted from the chicken mitochondrial bc1 complex, viewed down the vertical axis with respect to the plane of the membrane, from the cytoplasmic side. The spacefilling model is appropriately scaled by matching crystallographic distance to the scale-bar in the Fig. The cyt b subunit is red, iron sulfur protein is blue, and cyt c1 is green. The red and green contours superimposed on the density contours are fits by the authors using projection images of reaction center and 12/16th of the 16LH1 rings suggest from modeling the LH1 complex (see original paper for details).
Jungas C. et al. (1999) EMBO J. 18, 534-542