Prosthetic Groups of the bc1-complex

Stereo views of the redox centers of the bc1-complex; the second view is rotated 90° with respect to the first. The prosthetic groups are colored as follows:

Note that the coordinate positions of the Fe atoms are based on data available from published abstracts, information from symposium presentations, not on crystallographic data. Although the positions shown are approximately in agreement with the data, the true positions may differ significantly. The coordinates of non-Fe atoms, and orientation of rings, etc., is speculative.

The prosthetic groups are "borrowed" from PDB files, as follows:
cyt b hemes - pdb3b5c.ent
cyt c hemes - pdb2ccy.ent
ubiquinones - pdb2rcr.ent
2Fe.2S - pdb3fxc.ent

Image generated using PDVWIN software package.