General Information

This server is located in the Crofts laboratory (A. R. Crofts), at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Where to find what we do

Information about some of the research projects in the lab, and useful links to other biophysics and photosynthesis sites, can be found under the Lab home page.

Additional information about individual research interests can be found under the home pages below.

Two useful shareware programs for protein modelling in the Windows environment can be downloaded from our anonymous ftp site. Try out a Chime Protein Viewer, look at the short description of PDVWIN (Protein Data Viewer for WINdows) and PSAAM (Protein Sequence Analysis And Modelling).

People in the Lab

Tony Crofts
Sangjin Hong
Jiyuan Li
Tim Miller
Sean Padden

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Library links

Journal Club.

OVID bibliographic search.

Biology Library.

Telnet access to IBIS Bibliographic Databases

TN3270 access to IBIS Bibliographic Databases

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