Water Quality Lesson Plans for K-8 Teachers

Sites and equipment for central Illinois teachers

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Other web resources

More lessons about aquatic ecology or water quality for K-8

An excellent unit about eutrophication from Cornell: http://ei.cornell.edu/watersheds/Eutrophication_Experiments.pdf

An extension to the pond scum lab, adding fish to the experiment: http://peer.tamu.edu/curriculum_modules/water_quality/module_5/student_procedure.htm

A lesson plan for testing water quality with fish tank kits: http://www.uga.edu/srel/kidsdoscience/kidsdoscience-wetlands.htm

GLOBE protocols for field measurements of all sorts (see hydrology protocols): http://www.globe.gov/fsl/html/templ.cgi?measpage&lang=en

Lesson plans by graduate students at Kellogg Biological Station. See both the "lesson plans" and "workshops" pages on this site for ecology lessons. Some lessons related to lakes and ponds are "Exploring Sinking Rates of Phytoplankton" in the lessons section: http://www.kbs.msu.edu/k12/resources/lessonplans.php

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant website: http://www.iiseagrant.org/education/topics_education.html

Lessons for high school (grades 9-12)

From the lessons by graduate students at Kellogg Biological Station, see "Making Scientific Conclusions Under Uncertainty: A Historial Perspective" (particularly good for understanding scientific controversy and how knowledge develops) in the April 2007 teacher workshop page: http://www.kbs.msu.edu/k12/workshops/april2007.php

Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology has a computer-based activity looking at data from a phosphorus addition experiment to an Alaskan river. (Although written as a college activity, this activity worked great with a 10th grade introductory biology class!) http://tiee.ecoed.net/vol/v3/issues/data_sets/arc/abstract.html