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Printing Details

  • Print on ArrayIt SuperAmine slides (SMM-25) with ArrayIt quill type ChipMaker pins (CMP3).
  • Add 10microl 3xSSC 1.5M betaine to the dried PCR product.
  • Spot volumes range from .1 to .9 nl. While spot diameters are approximately 100microm, normally ranging from 90 to 110microm.
  • Spot distance is 180microm center to center.

Post-print processing

  1. Leave slides in a dust free environment over night.
  2. Transfer slides to metal slide racks for baking at 80DegreesC for 1.5 hours.
  3. Prepare 0.2% SDS solution and pour 350ml into each slide container. This will cover the slides sufficiently.
  4. Dip slide holders repeatedly into the SDS solution and allow to soak for 2 minutes on shaker.
  5. Transfer to millipore water for 2 minutes. Repeat water wash one additional time.
  6. Soak slides in boiling water for 2 minutes. without agitation.
  7. Dip in 95% ethanol and spin dry at 500 rpm for 1 minutes.
  8. Store slide in slide box with dessicant at room temperature

Library Descriptions

Gal Files

Rice Microarray List of Clones (13 MB Excel)
Rice Microarray List of Clones (12 MB Tab Delimited)
Rice Microarray Spot Identification List (4.0 MB Zip file)
PCR machine
Preparing the clones for printing the microarray

People whose work made possible the results deposited here:
  Arumugam, K   International Rice Research Institute  
Bennett, J International Rice Research Institute
Bohnert, HJ University of Illinois
Borchert, C University of Arizona
Brazille, S University of Arizona
Bruskiewich, R International Rice Research Institute
Feril, O University of Missouri
Fredricksen, M University of Illinois
Griffin, T University of Illinois
Haag, R University of Illinois
Hassan, J University of Illinois
Kawasaki, S University of Arizona
Klueva, N Texas Tech University
Kroeger, A University of Illinois
Lafitte, R International Rice Research Institute
Leifheit, A University of Illinois
McCartor, K Texas Tech University
Michalowski, CB University of Arizona
Millena, C Texas Tech University
Nguyen, H University of Missouri
Pathan, MS University of Missouri
Poyorko, V University of Illinois
Shepley, D University of Illinois
Wen, J International Rice Research Institute
Williams, C University of Illinois
Zhang, D Texas Tech University

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