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Valeriy Poroyko

Postdoctoral Fellow.

Ph.D. of Molecular Biology from the Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Science.


About Valeriy

During the last three years Valeriy has been working in the University of Illinois for Dr. Hans Bohnert. His research activity in this period is an “research in the area of plant genomics”. During this period he was involved in several genomics projects: the “Rice stress genomics project” - sequencing and submission to the Gene Bank the Rice ESTs obtained from the salt stressed rice plants and design and printing ~15000 unigenes rice microarray; “Cyanophora paradoxa project” (in collaboration with Austrian colleagues) - the small (2500 features), ESTs based, array for the alga Cyanophora paradoxa; “Corn Root project” – three normalized and bar-coded cDNA libraries for the water stressed and control corn roots, and one SAGE library for well watered corn root were constructed,  sequenced, and submitted to Gene Bank. This SAGE library is a biggest plant SAGE library submitted to the Gene Bank by a single laboratory.


Poroyko V, Hejlek LG, Spollen WG, Springer GK, Nguyen HT, Sharp RE, Bohnert HJ. The Maize Root Transcriptome by     Serial Analysis of Gene Expression. Submitted to the journal “Plant physiology” December 2004

Sharp RE, Poroyko V, Hejlek LG, Spollen WG, Springer GK, Bohnert HJ, Nguyen HT. Root growth maintenance during water deficits: physiology to functional genomics. J Exp Bot. 2004 Nov;55(407):2343-51. Epub 2004 Sep 24. PMID: 15448181 [ Link to Abstract ]

Poroyko V, Calugaru V, Fredricksen M, et al. Virtual-SAGE: A new approach to EST data analysis DNA RESEARCH 11 (2): 145-152 APR 30 2004 [ Link to Abstract ]

Bohnert H.J., Ma S., Poroyko V., Li P., Gong Q., Sharp R.E., Springer G.K., Davis G.L., Schachtman D.P., Wu Y. and Nguyen H. Molecular determinants affecting water homeostasis. Symposium on "Sensing and Responding to Water". ASPB Annual Meeting. Orlando, Florida. July 2004.

Nguyen H.T., Sharp R.E., Davis G., Springer G.K., Schachtman D., Bohnert H., Wu Y., Sharp L., Zhu J., Pathan M.S., Goodger J., Marsh E., Poroyko V., Asirvatham V., LeNoble M., Spollen W., Melia-Hancock S., Musket T., Moak P., and Davis, D. April 4-8, 2004. Functional Genomics of Root Growth and Root Signaling Under Drought. Missouri Life Sciences Week. University of Missouri-Columbia.

Miyazaki S, Fredricksen M, Hollis KC, et al. Transcript expression profiles of Arabidopsis thaliana grown under controlled conditions and open-air elevated concentrations of CO2 and of O-3.  FIELD CROPS RESEARCH 90 (1): 47-59 NOV 8 2004

Valeriy A. Poroyko, Mark Fredricksen, Donald Shepley, M.S. Pathan, Henry Nguyen, Richard Bruskiewich, John Bennett, and Hans J. Bohnert. A Rice Microarray representing Stress-related Transcripts. // Abstracts of the annual meeting of the American Society of Plant Biologists 2003 

V. A. Poroyko, E. B. Rukavtsova, I. V. Orlova, Ya. I. Buryanov. Phenotypic changes in transgenic tobacco plants with an antisense form of the hmg1 gene. // Rus. J. Genetics, v. 36, ?9, 2000, p.998-1002. [ Link to Abstract ]

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