Biology 100 and 101
University of Illinois

Integrative Biology 100
Biological Sciences
Text Book Information
Instructor: Stephen R. Downie

Text Book Information for Integrative Biology 100

Biology: Concepts and Investigations, 3rd edition (2015) by Marielle Hoefnagels, McGraw-Hill Education, Publ.

1. Loose Leaf Text Book PLUS eBook Option:

If the loose leaf text book (containing selected chapters) is purchased in the bookstores on campus, it comes with two year's FREE access to an interactive online ebook version from McGraw-Hill, plus access to the publisher's online learning aids. The loose leaf text book will come with an access code to be used to register for the online ebook and learning aids.

If you buy a used text book that has no access code and want to access the e-book, you will need to make a separate purchase of McGraw-Hill's Connect Plus that comes with access to the eBook. You may do this through the local bookstores or online directly from McGraw-Hill (See the directions for ordering online below.)

2. eBook ONLY Option:

If you are comfortable NOT having a physical loose leaf (or regular style) text book, you can purchase access to the interactive online ebook and the online learning aids for a significant reduction in cost of the loose leaf book, plus the bundle noted above. This ebook is accessed via the internet - not downloaded to your computer.

Access to the eBook plus access to the publisher's online learning aids can be purchased at the campus bookstores or, for even less cost, from McGraw-Hill directly using the link below.

Access the online ebook and online learning materials in "Connect":

This web address will take you to the McGraw-Hill registration page for Integrative Biology 100:

Access this web page and look to be sure it is the correct page for our course:

COURSE: Integrative Biology 100

SECTION: Lecture

INSTRUCTOR: Stephen Downie

TEXTBOOK: Biology: Concepts and Investigations, 3rd edition

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If you have not registered previously - or wish to purchase the eBook:

If you have an access code from a loose leaf text you have purchased, click the "REGISTER NOW" button and follow the directions to register. There is also a short video titled, "HOW TO REGISTER WITH AN ACCESS CODE."

If you want to skip the paper text and purchase the online eBook with Connect Plus, click the "REGISTER NOW" button and follow the directions to "Buy Online." Be sure to select the Connect Plus option. There is also a short video titled, "HOW TO BUY ACCESS ONLINE". You should be able to make the same purchase at the campus bookstores if you prefer.

If you are not sure about the online ebook there is an option to select a 2 week free trial. You can decide later to either buy the ebook online or go to the book store and get the hardbound book bundled with Connect Plus.

If you are having difficulties purchasing or working with your product:

McGraw Hill has a Customer Experience Group that will help you with your purchase, or if you experience difficulties accessing their products. You can either access their customer support page online (through their website, if you can sign on) or call them at 800-331-5094. Please do not contact Prof. Downie about your McGraw Hill product - it's very likely he won't be able to help you!