Biology 100 and 101
University of Illinois

Integrative Biology 100
General Education
Life Science Option

This semester you could be a number in a large lecture course OR you could try Integrative Biology (IB) 100 (3 credit hrs w/discussion).

The instructional staff, including lecturers and teaching assistants, are dedicated to helping you understand biology.

You will learn about biology topics that are likely to be meaningful to you. We focus primarily on three contemporary issues in modern biology: the environment, genetics and biotechnology, and evolution.

IB 100 includes a one-hour lecture section that meets twice a week, plus a one-hour discussion section that also meets weekly. You will also participate in individual and collaborative online learning activities that provide schedule flexibility and improve efficiency of study. Online learning activities take advantage of a wide range of biology web resources, including text, video, animations, simulations, and blogs. You will participate in asynchronous online discussions with your instructors and classmates.

IB 100 capitalizes on the increasing role of computers and mobile communication devices as our common means of accessing information and communicating with each other. Some learning goals can be efficiently and effectively accomplished remotely, while other concepts are best served in a face-to-face, collaborative environment.

The course is designed around a set of learner objectives that clearly define what you are expected to learn and be able to do.

Lectures engage you in interactive learning activities.

Small face-to-face discussion sections (20 students) provide a chance to get to know your instructor and classmates and reinforce your understanding of concepts introduced in lectures.

Guided online assignments and quizzes help you prepare for exams by constructing a meaningful understanding of biological concepts rather than just memorizing facts.

Extensive learning resources are provided in the Moodle Course Management System accessible from the course main web site (

A variety of optional, extra credit learning opportunities are available to help you learn by following your interests and creative talents.

The textbook is available in a paper loose leaf edition or as a less expensive, interactive, electronic version.