Biology 100 and 101
University of Illinois

Integrative Biology 100

IB 100 Proficiency Exam (Optional)

For Fall 2016, the IB100 Proficiency Exam will be held on Thursday, Aug. 25th, 6:00-8:50PM, in room 140 Burrill Hall. This is the only opportunity to take this exam.

About Proficiency Exams from the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning, UIUC

You are allowed to obtain college credit in IB 100 by demonstrating proficiency in the course material. A proficiency examination is comparable to a three-hour written final examination in that course, and a grade of C or better is needed in order for course credit to be awarded. Proficiency examinations are not for placement or diagnostic purposes, but are only for awarding credit to students who demonstrate thorough knowledge of the course material. These examinations demand more than an elementary acquaintance with the course material. You must have solid command of the concepts and problem solving skills for the course and therefore should attempt a proficiency examination only after proper study and preparation.

If you plan on taking this exam, send Prof. Chen an email indicating such no later than two days before the scheduled exam. Address to and include "Proficiency Exam" in the subject line.

If you do NOT inform Prof. Chen ahead of time, you will NOT be able to take the exam. You must bring a campus photo ID with you.

Coverage of exam is comprehensive, covering an entire semester's worth of material. See the general lecture and discussion syllabus on the course webpage for the major topics covered. There will be multiple choice, drawings, and long-answer questions. Allot the two hours and fifty minutes.

For more information on campus proficiency exams, read below and/or click here.

You must be enrolled in courses on the Urbana-Champaign campus.

You may not take this exam either to raise your grade or to earn credit in a course that has been failed previously.

You must not have already received college credit in more than one semester of work in the subject area previously.

The grade is pass or fail, and you must receive a minimum grade of C (70%) to pass.

You cannot retake this exam.

Credit earned does not count towards satisfying your credit hours or affect your GPA - you just get rid of this Gen Ed requirement.