Biology 100 and 101
University of Illinois

Integrative Biology 100
Course Lecture and Discussion Grading

IB 100 Course Grading Overview

Course Grade Component Percent of Course Grade
Lecture Exam 1 15%
Lecture Exam 2 15%
Final Lecture Exam 25%
Discussion Grade (see table below) 30%
Pre-Lecture Moodle1 & In-Class Lecture2 Activities 15% 3
Extra Credit4 8%

1 You will be asked to complete Pre-Lecture Moodle Activities before attending certain lectures. These activities will require that you read and think about the content of the upcoming lecture outline and complete a brief assignment in advance of that lecture. These assignments will be due in Moodle no later than two hours before the start time of the lectures for which they are required. You will receive a maximum score of 10 points for each activity you complete satisfactorily.

2 You will also be asked to participate in In-Class Lecture Activities during the semester. You will work individually or as part of a small group of classmates. Each activity will generate a paper or Moodle entry with your response to the activity. You may be asked to verify your participation by turning in a paper "chit" on which you print your name and provide your signature. You will receive a maximum score of 10 points for each activity in which you complete satisfactorily.

3 There will be a minimum of 18 Pre-Lecture Moodle and In-Class Lecture Activities this semester, approximately one for every week of class. To calculate your grade for this component of the course grade, only your 15 highest scoring activities will be considered, so you may miss any three without penalty (or more, if more than 18 activities are assigned). As such, we will not deal with medical or any other excuses for missed lectures unless there is an extended, excused absence.

4 Extra Credit projects are optional, but can earn you up to an extra 8% to add to your course grade if you start early, continue with the projects until the end of the semester, and complete the bonus project. The course letter grade scale is determined before extra credit scores are added to each student's course grade.

IB 100 Discussion Grading (30% of Course Grade)

Discussion Grade Component Percent of Discussion Grade
Online Assessments in Moodle 40%
Online or In-Class Discussion Activities 40%
Discussion Class Participation1 20%

1 Your Discussion Class Participation grade will be reduced by approximately 1.5% for each unexcused absence.

IB 100 is Graded on the Following Letter Grade Scale

Percent of Course Points Letter Grade1
90-100% or greater2 A
80-89% B
70-79% C
60-69% D
<60% F

1 Plus and minus letter grades are not awarded.

2 Our assumption is that all students admitted to the University of Illinois are capable of earning an A letter grade in this course. The assessments in this course are criterion-referenced. This means that you will have chances to demonstrate your mastery of the learner objectives (the criteria) through your participation in lectures and discussion classes, your completion of forum postings and assignments, and your performance on quizzes and lecture exams. If everyone demonstrates mastery at or above the 90% mark, then everyone will receive an A letter grade for the course.