Biology 100 and 101
University of Illinois

Integrative Biology 100
Biological Sciences
Selected Students' Comments
Instructor: Stephen R. Downie

Here are selected comments from previous students' ICES evaluations. Perhaps we will find yours here next year?

The instructor was always extremely enthusiastic about his class time, allowing it to be easier to follow along.

He seemed very energized and loved what he was talking about. Even when I didn't care for a certain subject, he always made it seem a little more interesting than it really was.

Good professor, very enthusiastic and you can feel his passion for biology through the lecture.

He did a very well job at explaining topics to real life situations and had a very good way of explaining difficult topics.

He was enthusiastic so it was not as difficult to pay attention.

Great job at connecting concepts.

Have more interactive examples of the material during lecture.

I suggest some more group activities or worksheets that help us understand the material.

The grading procedures were fair and remained as balanced as possible.

Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking? No! Comments are always overwhelmingly positive!