Biology 100 and 101
University of

Integrative Biology 100
Discussion Class,
January 20-22
#1 Scientific Investigation

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Learner Objectives

You should be able to:

  1. Describe the IB 100 class to a new student next week. Be able to explain the following points.
  2. Your instructor's name and contact information.

    Registration for both lecture and discussions sections is necessary.

    Text and course web resources.

    Course and discussion grading and attendance policies.

    Extra Credit opportunities.

  3. Get to know a few of your fellow classmates and participate in a cooperative learning group.
  4. Explain the components of scientific investigation, including the following (not necessarily listed in chronological order):

  5. Research Question (broad question concerning the interaction of an independent variable with the phenomenon)

    Independent variable (what is being manipulated)

    Hypothesis (an explanation - NOT a prediction)

    Prediction (based on the hypothesis)

    Dependent variables (what is being measured - the value "depends on" the value of the independent variable)

    Control Variables (variables that are kept constant - they are also potential independent variables)

    Experimentation (testing the hypothesis)

    Acceptance or rejection of hypothesis (NOT proving hypothesis)

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