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Integrative Biology 100

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Welcome to Integrative Biology 100 (Biological Sciences)

Integrative Biology 100, Biological Sciences, is a general education course designed to introduce you to biology topics that are likely to be meaningful to you. The course focuses on three contemporary issues in modern biology: the environment, genetics and biotechnology, and evolution. You will learn the biological concepts that will help you make informed decisions in the market place, the voting booth, your doctor's office, or at a school board meeting. Knowledge gained will serve as a foundation for life-long learning in the biological sciences.

IB 100 includes a one-hour lecture section that meets twice a week, plus a one-hour discussion section that also meets weekly (LAS Access and Achievement Program students will meet for three hours weekly). You will also participate in individual and collaborative online learning activities that provide schedule flexibility and improve efficiency of study. These online learning activities take advantage of a wide range of biology web resources, including text, video, animations, simulations, and blogs. You will participate in asynchronous online discussions with your instructors and classmates.

This 16-week course with face-to-face lectures and discussions is taught by Prof. Stephen Downie (sdownie "at" To access this course, click on "Moodle Course Entrance" above. If you are interested in the 8-week, exclusively online IB 100 course (currently taught by Ed Dole; dole "at", please access the appropriate link below. While both courses cover the same material, the exclusively online course is much accelerated in nature.

Meeting Times and Places (Fall 2015)

    IB 100 Lectures
    11:00-11:50 AM, Mon and Wed, Room 161 Noyes Laboratory
    Lectures begin Mon, 24 Aug

    IB 100 Discussions
    Burrill Hall, Room 494, Thurs and Fri
    (See IB 100 Class Schedule for specific section times.)
    Discussions begin Thurs, 27 Aug or Fri, 28 Aug

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