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Gomez-Casanovas, N., DeLucia, N.J., Bernacchi, C.J., & DeLucia, E.H.  Conversion of grazed pastures to energy cane as a biofuel feedstock alters soil GHG fluxes.  Journal of Environmental Quality, Submitted.

Ruiz-Vera U.M., Siebers M.H., Drag D.W., Ort, D.R., and Bernacchi C.J. Canopy warming caused photosynthetic acclimation and reduced seed yield in maize grown at ambient and elevated [CO2].  Global Change biology, accepted.

Miller J.N., VanLoocke A., Gomez-Casanovas N. and Bernacchi, C.J. Candidate perennial bioenergy grasses have a higher albedo than annual row crops in the Midwestern U.S.  Global Change Biology Bioenergy, accepted.

Siebers, M, Yendrek, C, Drag, D.W., Locke, A, Rios Acosta, L., Leakey, A.D.B., Ainsworth, E.A., Bernacchi, C.J., & Ort, D.R.  Heat waves imposed during early pod development in soybean (Glycine max) cause significant yield loss despite a rapid recovery from oxidative stress.  Global Change Biology, In Press.

Bagley, J., Miller, J., and Bernacchi C.J.  Biophysical Impacts of Climate-Smart Agriculture in the Midwest United States.  Plant Cell & Environment, In press.

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Rosenthal D.M., Ruiz-Vera, U.M., Siebers M.H., Gray, S.B., Bernacchi, C.J., and Ort, D.R. Biochemical acclimation, stomatal limitation and precipitation patterns underlie decreases in photosynthetic stimulation of Soybean (Glycine max) at elevated [CO2] and temperatures under fully open air field conditions.  Plant Science, 226, 136-146. 2014.

Sun, J., Feng Z., Leakey A.D.B., Zhu, X.-G., Bernacchi, C.J., and Ort, D.R.  Inconsistency of mesophyll conductance estimate causes the inconsistency for the estimates of maximum rate of Rubisco carboxylation among the linear, rectangular and non-rectangular hyperbola biochemical models of leaf photosynthesis – A case study of CO2 enrichment and leaf aging effects in soybean.  Plant Science, 226, 49-60. 2014.

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Ruiz–Vera, U.M., Siebers, M., Gray, S., Rosenthal, D., Kimball, B.A., Ort, D.R., and Bernacchi, C.J. Global warming can negate the expected CO2 stimulation in photosynthesis and productivity for soybean grown in the Midwest United States. Plant Physiology, 162:410–23. 2013.

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