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Tethering assays for analysis of transcription activators or repressors and other chromosomal proteins

We adapted the lac operator / lac repressor system to analysis of the effect of particular proteins on large-scale chromatin compaction using a lac repressor tethering assay. Using a heterochromatic engineered chromosome region carrying lac operator repeats, we first applied this methodology to examine the effects on chromatin structure of the VP16 acidic activation domain, demonstrating a dramatic unfolding of the heterochromatin chromosome region through the extension and unfolding of chromonema fibers. We demonstrated that acidic activators as a class appear to share this large-scale chromatin decondensation activity. Using this methodology we were able to analyze what coactivators were recruited by VP16 and the timing of their recruitment relative to the large-scale chromatin decondensation. This activity appeared to be shared by a subset of other RNA pol 2 transcriptional activators, as demonstrated by our laboratory and collaborators, as well as UBF, a RNA pol 1 transcriptional activator. With collaborators this approach was extended to analysis of large-scale chromatin condensation induced by transcriptional repressors.

Other laboratories have extended this approach to study DNA replication and repair, as well as to studies of nuclear body formation and RNA processing.

Selected Publications:

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