The Bloodhound is not a dog that one simply owns or belongs to; it is a breed that totally envelopes everyone who even casually becomes involved. There are no Bloodhound owners but lots of Bloodhound people......All good Bloodhound breeders are pests. They will sell you a dog for a fortune and then haunt you for the rest of your life to be sure you are taking proper care of their baby. You adopt their dog and they adopt you. The contract may not read that way but that is what happens.....Roger Caras

I have owned three Bloodhounds - Shuler's Diana, CH. Hayseed's Hootenanny, and Legacy's Come Monday "Waylon". I lost Annie in March and Diana in July of 2000. Annie died, unexpectedly and suddenly, of the complications of bloat, while Diana was put to sleep after becoming incapacitated as a result of aging. That's Di above, taking her ease on the couch just before her 13th birthday. During her career as a trailing hound was called out on a number of cases by various law enforcement agencies in Central Illinois. Annie also ran a few criminal trials while also being shown in the breed ring. In September, I could no longer bear an empty house, and so I sought another. Waylon is my current little guy, a beautiful puppy from the Legacy Kennels in Virginia, and he's just now settling in and worming his way into my heart.


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To All the Good Dogs

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