Cottonwoods along San Pedro River, San Pedro National Riparian Conservation Area, Arizona
E. Barbara Meyer


Computer Assisted Instruction Specialist

Life Sciences Educational Technology Center 164 Burrill Hall
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

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Hi there! I recently retired from the Life Sciences Ed Tech Center - a cluster of teaching computer labs and a development center for the creation of course materials and web-based instruction.

While at the UI I offered training classes in HTML, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Endnote, Searching the Web and other topics as needed. On the right some of the sites I've developed for these classes or for Life Science faculty.

Tutorials and Training

EdTech Center Home Page
Lessons, Tutorials and FAQs
Web Page Design Tips
Photoshop Notes
How Search Engines Work
Evaluating Web Site Content
Barbara's HTML Tutorial
Sources for HTML & Web Development

Course Web Sites in Integrative Biology

IB 105 - Environmental Biology
IB 201 - Genetics and Evolution
IB 203 - Ecology
IB 405 - Ecological Genetics
IB 426 - Evolutionary & Environmental Physiology of Animals
IB 443 - Evolutionary Ecology
IB 449 - Limnology
IB 451 - Convervation Biology
IB 452 - Ecosystem Ecology
IB 462 - Mammalogy
IB 471 - Mycology
IB 393 - Statistical Ecology
IB 394 - History of Biology

Laboratories, Symposia

Long Term Vole Demographic Data
The Jeff Brawn Laboratory

Evolutionary Biology/Molecular Ecology Lab
Hanks Lab
Olga Nalbandov Symposium - New Frontiers in Biocomplexity and Biodiversity

Additionally - these are some of the sites I've designed for things that absorb my interest, as volunteer or community service..... Animals in general - Bloodhounds in particular - helping things to grow.

Other sites