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Fred Benham
433 Morrill Hall
(Advisor - Zac Cheviron)
John Crawford
471 Morrill Hall
I study Ecology, Rapid Evolution, and Invasion biology in Zooplankton. I use am currently studying the life-history evolution of Daphnia pulicaria. I will also be studying various aspects of the invasive zooplankton Daphnia lumholtzi. Through methods in invasion biology, evolutionary ecology, and resurrection ecology, I aim to determine a potential mechanism for the success of effective invasive species. This should either show that an effective invasive species is the product of preadaptation in the native range or rapid evolution in the invaded range. (Advisor - Carla Caceres)
Michael Grispo
17C Burrill Hall
(217) 244-2931
(Advisor - Chris Cheng)
Kim Drager
683 Morrill Hall
(Advisor -Andy Suarez)
Christopher Holmes
471 Morrill Hall
(217) 300-2324
My research focuses on the role of zooplankton dispersal and subsequent colonization on community assemblages in aquatic ecosystems. Studying these metacommunity dynamics will help us understand how zooplankton populations will respond to habitat alteration and how overall ecosystem biodiversity will be affected. (Advisor - Carla Caceres)
Joshua (Miles) Mesa
483 Morrill Hall
(Advisor - Ken Paige)
Nicholas Sly
433 Morrill Hall
I study the genetic and developmental basis of color patterns in birds. I'm interested in how these mechanisms might either constrain or facilitate rapid evolution of color patterns. (Advisor - Zac Cheviron)
Daniel Sorensen
465 Morrill Hall
(Advisor - Karen Sears)
Maria Stager
433 Morrill Hall
I am evaluating the effects of day length and temperature on seasonal variation in metabolic performance and correlated differences in underlying gene expression profiles of a common song bird in order to gain insight into the fundamental mechanisms of avian metabolic flexibility. (Advisor - Zac Cheviron)
Laura Stein
437 Morrill Hall
(217) 333-2308
I am interested in how behavioral plasticity and parental effects influence evolutionary patterns.  Specifically, I am testing the flexible stem model of adaptive radiations by examining how plasticity in parental care and subsequent parental effects on offspring interact to influence rapid, adaptive evolution using the threespine stickleback as a model. (Advisor - Alison Bell)
Lynette Strickland
471 Morrill Hall
(Advisor - Carla Caceres)
Daniel Urban
465 Morrill Hall
(217) 244-7724
I am interested in evolutionary developmental biology and paleontology, specifically seeking to uncover the mechanisms that drive large-scale evolutionary transitions. Currently working on limb development and digit reduction in Laurasiatherians. (Advisor - Karen Sears)