Landscape Change and Tick-Borne Diseases
An Interdisciplinary Investigation


Project Leaders

Dr. Brian Allan

Role: Co-PI

Brian is a disease ecologist and specializes in understanding how human-mediated change to natural landscapes affects human risk of exposure to infectious diseases

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Dr. Jonathan Chase

Role: Co-PI

Jon is a community ecologist with expertise in how the spatial arrangement of wildlife communities impact the species that live there and the services these ecosystems provide.

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Dr. Robert Thach

Role: Co-PI

Bob is a molecular biologist with extensive experience in the development of molecular tools designed to illuminate the complexities of pathogen-tick-host interactions.

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Lisa Goessling

Role: Research Specialist

Lisa is a molecular biologist and conducts many of the complex laboratory analyses required for this project

Other Participants

Field Crew Leaders
Alexa Fritzsche Carolyn Hilliard Bart Kensinger    
Brett Decker Akhila Narla Reed Otten Genevieve Pang Jeremy Pivor
TERF High School Interns
Kate Brinker Amy Fjerstad Asad Helal Will Klein  
Ahmed Said Emily Stein Franklin Warner