Joining the Lab

Andrew Mackay

My current research interests relate to how stormwater management practices impact public health risk from mosquito-borne pathogens. Stormwater storage, treatment and conveyance structures that collect and retain runoff provide important aquatic habitats for the production of urban mosquito vectors of West Nile virus and other arboviruses in the United States. Understanding how different stormwater management tools and practices contribute to the spatial and temporal heterogeneity in mosquito abundance in an urban landscape is critical to developing effective vector control and surveillance programs.

Much of my active research focuses on emerging management strategies that use decentralized controls to reduce the volume of runoff generated by rainfall in urban landscapes (e.g. Green Infrastructure, Low Impact Development). Currently, my collaborators and I are conducting a multi-year study evaluating the impact of two municipal stormwater projects implementing Green Infrastructure practices on the abundance of juvenile mosquitoes in stormwater catch basins.

Curriculum Vitae