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Ecology: More rain, more virus

Nature: Research Highlights. Posted April 2011
by John L. Orrock, Brian F. Allan, and Charles A. Drost

Precipitation levels and species biodiversity may affect humans' exposure to zoonotic diseases — those carried by other animals. Hantavirus, which is carried by wild rodents, especially deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus, pictured), causes severe lung disease in humans. The prevalence of the Sin Nombre variant of hantavirus, which is endemic in deer mice on California's Channel Islands, is affected by several ecological factors.

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The Rising Dangers of Ticks

Self Magazine: Health. Posted February 2011
by Maryn McKenna

As tiny ticks proliferate across the country, they are spreading diseases you—and your doctor—probably haven't heard of. SELF investigates a growing threat to your health and the blood supply you depend on.

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Do Noxious Neighbors Spread Disease?

Environmental Health Perspectives. Posted December 2010
by Bob Wienhold

Invasive plants are known for disrupting the ecologic balance in plant and animal communities.They also may play a role in the spread of human diseases, according to a study of ehrlichiosis and its relationship to the noxious weed Amur honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii).

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