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Lab News

Summer 2014

The lab is having a busy summer!

-Andrew is in Aurora, IL, running our NIH-funded project to study the consequences of green stormwater management for mosquito-borne disease risk. 

-Sharon is running our NSF-funded project in Kenya and getting ready for the first big survey of tick-borne disease risk across the Laikipia region in July.  Steve, who just joined the lab, will be moving out there soon to run the socio-ecological components of the research.  Brian and Tyler will be joining them for three weeks to help with the tick surveys.

-Tyler is conducting what will hopefully be his last rounds of tick surveys in the Chicago metro area this summer.  Allison and Allie are hard at work on their projects in mosquito ecology based out of Juma Muturi’s lab at the Illinois Natural History Survey.  Erin A. just returned from a successful first field season studying Chagas disease in Panama.  Erin W. is finishing out her second field season in Panama studying the ecology of tick-borne diseases.

-And Page is holding down the fort running the molecular lab (as always)!